San Lorenzo Yachts – Let’s talk About the Experienced Ones

Time is not always the enemy and San Lorenzo Yachts are great example of it. You might be wondering what the expression ‘experienced’ stands for. We are in the exclusive Yacht world, where each and every ship can be customized according to the clients’ wish; therefore the yacht is not only technical beauty, but also a piece of art.Her past experience and performance on the sea just shows the conscientious work of Sanlorenzo’s craftsmen. They are not only made-to-measure, but also to endure the time and sometimes rough sea condition.

San Lorenzo Yachts – Why Are the Experienced Ones So Special?

There is no mystery hidden behind this. First the Italian shipbuilder builds the yachts to last forever. It starts with the selection of top quality materials to hiring the best craftsmen and engineers in their field. Second and not less important is the maintenance service.  The combination of both makes us look at the market of the pre-owned yachts from completely different perspective.

What Is Different About Sanlorenzo Experienced Yachts?

Owning a yacht is a very personal thing and each client is approached individually. In fact Sanlorenzo manufactures not more than 30 yachts per year in order to deliver perfect yacht of her owner’s dreams.  The relationship between the ship builder and the client has to be personal as well; this is the only way to mutual understanding and trust. Yachting is a love for a lifetime after all. If you want to know more about yachting, read here.

What Is the Experienced Yacht Program?

It is a special service that aims to provide the traded-in yachts with customized refits in order to offer them in perfect condition to the new owners.

Are you concern about the yacht technical state? You do not need to be and here is why.

Each experienced yacht is checked, maintained and renewed by the specialists. This guarantees the efficiency of the on-board machinery and system. They also check the furniture and other equipment.

San Lorenzo Yachts

What Does It Mean?

The process involves not less than astonishing 100 checks and refitting points.

  • Assessment –In this part the hull and its appendages are being tested on the sea. This includes the transcription of the engine data, engine test and test of all onboard system.
  • Work Implementation – All refitting and replacements are done in this part to guarantee the yacht is working properly and looks at its best.
  • Testing –Pre-delivery test is a must to ensure all is set, revised and ready. When the program is finished, you will not be able to find any traces of the previous owner.

Impressive isn’t it? This interesting article confirms that the very high quality yachts hold their value and don’t depreciate it.

The Advantages of Buying a Pre-owned Yacht

  1. The most obvious advantage is the cheaper price. The yacht of certain age also usually means there are no strings attached to it, which means no loans.
  2. It saves time. You do not need to wait for her construction. Although you cannot participate in the process of building the yacht, you can still put your touch to it while refitting.
  3. It is usually fully equipped including life-jackets, flares, medical kits, cleaning supplies and the list goes on.
  4. Sanlorenzo’s great maintenance service as a guarantee of perfect condition.
  5. You can easily make your own research online on the internet or in other sources. As you are buying time tested technology there will be plenty of reviews available.
  6. You can also choose the style of sale – Trade –in boats, broker or private seller. It is up to you.

You can enjoy the process of buying a pre-owned yacht the same as buying a new one. You will buy time-proven quality and as a bonus you will save time and some money.A very good deal indeed.