5 Tips for Attracting Your Target Audience via Social Media

by Sebastian Hal

Approximately ninety percent of Americans use social media in some form or fashion. You can find similar numbers throughout many other parts of the world. The fact is unshakable that most of us are using social media for just about everything. This includes learning about, and often patronizing, small businesses. More and more people are using social media to connect with not just larger, established brands. Social media is now a vital tool in helping people connect with smaller, and/or more unique businesses, as well.

How To Attract A Target Audience On Social Media

In other words, in some form or fashion, you need to take social media seriously. No one is saying that you have to sign up for every single social media hub under the sun. In fact, we would suggest very strongly that you don’t do that. What you ultimately want to do, particularly when you are just starting out, is focus your energy on 2-3 social media channels that make sense for your business. One of them is almost definitely going to be Facebook. The others should make sense for the type of business you have.

Once you have your social media in place, the next logical step is to attract the best audience possible. To that end, there are a few things you are going to want to keep in mind.

5 Ways To Attract Your Social Media Audience

Social media can be challenging, as well as complex. This is even more prevalent to those who are working with social media for the first time. Don’t be overwhelmed. We have a number of simple tips that virtually anyone can put into action:

  1. Make sure your messages are being delivered in a timely fashion: You don’t want to overwhelm your social media audience with repetition. The redundancy is going to turn people off in a hurry. What you want to do instead is make sure your messages are getting to people when they are as fresh as possible. Figure out when your target audience is most likely to be online. Try to make sure your messages will reach them when they are most likely to respond.
  2. Answer questions, and deal with complaints directly: One of the cornerstones of building a strong social media presence is to make sure you are as personable as possible. This is the time to let at least some of your actual personality create the social media persona of your brand. A great way to establish such a rhythm is to make it a point to answer any questions brought to you by your followers. Yes, this includes complaints.
  3. Remember the value of video: These days, just about every major social media site has some form of video support. Then you have sites like Instagram and Facebook, which allow you to go live, interact with the whole wide world, and then save the video for later use. Regardless of the type of business you have, make sure you are using video to connect with people.
  4. Put your focus on Facebook: We’ve already said Facebook almost certainly needs to be part of your social media endeavors.
  5. Linking accounts: Regardless of the specific social media channels that you choose, make sure you have all of them properly linked up. You should be creating unique content for each of your sites, but it can also be useful to make sure your Facebook followers get to see your latest Instagram posts. This doesn’t create redundancy, so much as it ensures that everyone will see everything your business is working on, discussing, or announcing.

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