Make use of graphic tablet

by Sebastian Hal

If you are an artist and are tired of using the mouse to create art or draw images or comics then it is time to think of buying a drawing or a graphic tablet for you. What is a graphic or a drawing tablet? A graphic tablet is a device that allows one to draw graphics, images or animations with the use of a pen like stylus. It is like a pencil and while using it, it seems that one is using a pencil only for drawing on the paper. This is also known as a pen tablet, digitizer or a digital art board. A graphic tablet is also useful in tracing a picture from a piece of paper attached to the tablet, better known as digitizing. There are quite a number of drawing tablet for beginners with different features; usually a graphic tablet has a flat surface where one uses a stylus to trace an image. Small tablets are perfect for home or personal use while the professional artists use a mid size or a large tablet for bigger space and for drawing.

Features of drawing tablet

  • Express keys- which have keystrokes and functions.
  • Stylus switches- one can double click and right click side switches.
  • Touch ring- it control layers, auto scroll, brush size and canvas rotation.
  • Eraser tip on stylus- this is usually pressure sensitive and works like a pencil eraser.

The drawing tablet has the following advantages which can attract people to buy it

  • It allows one to draw natural motions; it can help make complex shapes quite easily.
  • Pressure detection is another advantage as it can trace printed images perfect for retouching older work.
  • It can take over mouse for drawing or illustrating.
  • It is best for technical drawings.

If you are a beginner and looking for a drawing tablet for beginners then wacom intuos draw CTL490DW drawing and graphics tablet is the best. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals as they can easily sketch, paint, draw and illustrate on the computer. It has one pen but it is enough to illustrate on the computer.  It also has a whole range of colours which can help one to indulge in a number of drawings. This tablet is designed in such a way that it is best for both left handed and right handed people and it can work with any software application. This drawing tablet comes with a number of online tutorials and drawing software that helps one in learning about the new creative tool especially those who are beginners.

This tablet has a battery free pen which one doesn’t have to worry about charging it all the time. It also has express keys so that one can customize their favourite shortcuts. This tablet is quite simple so those who are not tech savvy need not worry as they can easily use it. So, the ones new to drawing for them this is the perfect tablet to use.

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