Send Free SMS anywhere and to any mobile phone for free via internet

by Sebastian Hal

A mobile phone today has become more of an integral part of our lives rather than being just gadget or a device. It has revolutionized the way we communicate and has taken the whole experience to the next level. One of the basic functions that it serves is it helps sending text messages. But sending text messages directly via the cellular network invokes charges. Today with advancements in technology one can send free SMS to mobile phone via internet without having to pay any charges. There are various websites that do the need full without charging you anything. All they require is valid phone number of the sender and the receiver. The service can be utilized on your Smartphone as well as laptops and tablets.

This service comes in handy in situations where you might have forgotten the phone at home or misplaced the phone and need to send an urgent text to someone. Hence if you have a mobile device like a laptop or a tablet handy with a valid internet connection, you can easily send the text to any desired number. Another very important advantage of such services is that you can bypass the texting costs charged by your cellular network. Since these work via the internet therefore effectively it’s only the internet cost that is involved. One can send texts free of costs even if the recipient has an international number. Also there is no restriction to the number of texts you can send. Some of these sites also have a very interesting feature wherein one can keep the sender number anonymous. This means the recipient will not know about the sender unless and until you want them to know. The service can also come handy to send greetings during festivals when you need to send a number of messages.

There are numerous other advantages as well of using websites that send free SMS to mobile phone via internet. It saves you on the time taken to type a text as it is comparatively faster than a cellular phone. Also however long the text might be the complete message is transmitted in a single message. Another very important advantage is that you can send group messages faster than a normal mobile phone. One can make use of such services as part of their business marketing plans as well. These are considered to be a direct channel of marketing that could generate good ROI for your business. Since the number of messages involved for the purpose of marketing a product or services involves a huge client base therefore it’s not feasible to use direct messaging. Free sms websites make the whole exercise faster and cost effective.

Hence these websites come in quiet handy in various situations but one must be careful while using such third party websites. Generally these are termed to be free services but certain websites have hidden clause wherein they charge after a certain period of time. Always ensure that you go through the terms and conditions well.


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