There’s no getting away with a polygraph test

by Sebastian Hal

People always have a tendency to distort the truth, while it might seem harmless to them, it can be very damaging to other parties involved. What might start as a little white lie may well end up to be full blown deception and things do not really end well when the person of interest is caught red handed. There are of course, pre-emptive ways to go about catching a liar red handed but probably the most effective tool in doing so is the lie detector test.

Although there has been a lot of speculation about the reliability of the lie detector test, due to technological advancement and continual development in the methods, alongside a very capable examiner, the lie detector test may prove to be an invaluable tool in preventing deception, as trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship between two parties, transparency and honesty is vital in keeping that relationship healthy. Although common in law enforcement use, lie detector tests are not restricted to only that, they also have a wide range of applications. To find out more, you can check

Keeping company secrets a secret 

All companies have secrets, whether it is a secret recipe or a secret ingredient or process, or even technology, these secrets are usually well guarded and are only shared internally within the company, usually to those people who have first-hand involvement with the said secrets. Keeping these secrets within the company is one of the most important tasks any employee could do since one the secrets get out, it may cause a great deal of damage to the company.

One way to ensure that the employees in the company can be trusted with the secrets is by subjecting them to a lie detector test. Lie detector tests may be able to find out which employees can be trusted with the company secrets as well as those who cannot.

The case of mistaken identities 

It can really be damaging to one’s personal life when he or she is accused of something he or she did not do. This is actually a common occurrence in crime scenes wherein eyewitnesses or victims might still be in a state of shock, there is a lack of physical evidence in the scene and all the authorities have to go on is the statements made by these eyewitnesses and victims.

Most of the time, these people just happen to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time and have probably the same build, face or clothes as the perpetrator. The lie detector test is a very useful tool in this situation since it gives the individual a chance to clear his or her name and prove his or her innocence by doing so.

Reliability issues 

Contrary to popular belief, lie detector tests are very reliable. Of course in the movies you might have seen a few people cheat the lie detector test but in reality, it can be quite hard to do so especially when the examiner is experienced.

The lie detector test is a very dependable test you can rely on in situations where you are dealing with trust issues. With today’s technological advancements and continuous developing methods in testing, the lie detector test’s accuracy rate just keeps going up and may well soon reach a 100% accuracy rate.


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