3rd Party Website Verification Services – The Ultimate Online Conversion Strategy and Solution?

The average conversion rate for websites is well below its potential. Because the number of fraudulent businesses around is increasing dramatically, and this is not a secret. Today, the online shopper understood this, and statistics prove it. Online retailers today, including myself, understand that a website without credentials, support and security can put them at risk. And it makes sense, if your visitor trusts you, he will buy you. Third-party website verification services have proven to be the easiest and most effective way to increase your maximum asset: TRUST. Some even guarantee you to increase your conversion rate by 15%.

Displaying trust marks on your web site provides an instant visual guarantee that your 토토먹튀 is trustworthy, secure and reliable. 

Trust stamps quickly convince your visitors that …

  1. Your website is protected (your potential customers want to know that your personal information is protected, 88% of Internet users surveyed consider this “very important”)
  2. You have a legitimate business (your potential customers want to know if they can trust the site and contain information containing 81% of the Internet users surveyed, consider this “very important”)
  3. Respect your privacy (your potential customers also want to know if they have a good privacy policy. 76% of Internet users surveyed consider this “very important”)


Does it matter which site check you choose? Hugely! All produce similar results, but prices can range from $ 300 per year to over $ 4,000 per year. Each trust service specializes in different aspects of your site, covering your visitors with the three main issues mentioned above.

  1. security seals
  2. brand names
  3. secret stamps

The labeling of trust that best suits your site depends on what you sell

For example, a leading mortgage company will most likely see an increase in conversion with a privacy stamp. But the camera company is likely to benefit most from security printing. So, if you are going to get only one type of stamp, you will need to choose a website verification service that specializes in the stamp that you need.

HackerSafe specializes in security seals, TRUSTe specializes in print media and BBB in commercial marks. However, the availability of guarantees in all areas has proven its maximum conversion. But instead of buying 3 seals separately, companies like ControlScan and TrustGuard created several sealing packages to get the highest level of confidence at the price level.

After all, any reliable seal of trust is better than none. According to the fireclick index, the average website has a conversion rate of less than 2%. But reliable print services have proven that you have increased your site conversion by an average of 14%. A website that does not provide its visitors with the necessary guarantee (for example, control marks of third-party sites) loses a lot of potential customers and sales.