4 Advanced SEO Trends to Behold in 2018

by Sebastian Hal

Today’s Emerging Marketing Technology

In today’s digital world there is a correlation between SEO and social media. If your business isn’t focused using SEO strategies on its website, social media pages, blogs etc. Then, you hold back not in terms of high ranking but also loosing potential customers. You can use Web Chimpy SEO services to drive traffic to your business website and convince concerned visitors to get in touch with you and buy your products.

To help you have a head start in 2018, here’s a list of noteworthy SEO trends that are gaining momentum and can help your organization accomplish a peak result in a Google search, giving your business an advantage over its competitors.

  1. The Rise of SERP Features

Nowadays, Google continuously develops and updates its algorithms, and you can no longer assume that only search rankings can influence the CTR and get more traffic. Instead, SERP features are increasingly becoming more popular than rankings, grabbing the most attention from organic listings. SERP features stand out on the page, creating high click-through rates (CTR) and gaining more visibility. Our Rank tracker incorporates a possibility to monitor which SERP features to display, for the keywords you choose and then can stay on the cutting-edge over your competitors.

  1. Voice Search

According to Google, voice search is a rapidly growing segment. Around 20% of mobile queries are voice searches, and that number is anticipated to rise over time, as digital assistants and smart home devices become more conventional. The focus should be on writing content in a conversational tone to become visible at the top of voice search results. By researching conversational queries about your services, products, industry we can help you climb the peak of the voice search results.

  1. User Experience at the forefront

To really create a competitive edge in this emerging SEO technology, user experience should be considered as one of the top priorities for companies, keeping always in mind the needs, likes and dislikes of the user. Our top SEO services, focused approach and amazing strategies have retained customer experience at the forefront of our digital marketing campaigns, generating enormous benefits. We have adopted guidelines to make changes based on user interaction and not just what we believe will be appropriate for our clients.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile SEO trends are coming to light because it helps to connect with your customers, any time, any place. It is important to have mobile- friendly website as majority of users are switching over to mobile than desktop. Our mission here is to go extra mile to create fully mobile-friendly sites to improve engagement and drive high conversions.

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