Best Online game that will blow your mind

by Sebastian Hal
Best Online game that will blow your mind

There are a plenty of games available online. These online games are addictive and exciting enough to blow you away. Among them playing mission game is not an easy task and one such action game developed by Yepi games is incredibly popular. Stickman games are easy to understand but one needs sufficient time to master it. This is what makes the game exciting for many. If you love such challenging games you can play Vex 3 here.

The little stick figure is fun with Vex 3 featuring 10 standard stages along with 9 challenge stages. To complete them all is a mammoth task. Though there is a walkthrough in brief on how to master the game.

Avoiding Impediments:  While playing a Stick man one has to take up number of actions to accomplish the given mission. The mission is completed if one can advance to the next level. This is often seen in most of the android games or pc games. The stickman has to stay away from impediments until he reaches the green door. The game without instructions in the start may confuse the users’ judgment. On understanding how the action in the game with a couple of hits and misses and trail run one, you will be able to play the game comfortably.

play Vex 3 here

Hurdles: From the beginning of the game the user faces hurdles that are quite simple but need strategic placement of stickman’s movement. For example, touching the spines or colliding to the block will cost you his life. The character dies with prick or gets crushed with moving blocks. Therefore the best way to score is to stay away from getting hurt while running.

Options: In advanced versions stick man is capable of run beside climb, slide and jump options. This can be seen in Vex 4. However, the most interesting thing in vex 3 is the level of difficulty while crossing water impediments. If you play Vex 3 here you can find out how challenging it is to dive into the water. It’s difficult because the time you can hold your breath under the water is quite difficult. This is mainly because there are chances of dying if the stickman doesn’t get out of water in time.

Execution: Apart from finding the green door the stick man who runs around has another mission to accomplish. One has to find the block named Act 1 and this action has to be executed to play in the first version. This act is a part of the mission to complete throughout the game and seen in all of them. Every time after finding the green magical door this will bring you to the game hub. This when you have to find the block that is namely the next act.

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