Bulk messaging and why it is important

by Sebastian Hal

Communication is a key part of our lives today and without it, societal functioning would be impaired. Humans are social creatures; we tend to live for social interactions and affection. In a world greatly revolutionized by the internet and its advancement, communicating with someone is very easy. Most mobile phones today have the capability to utilize fast internet networks. And where anyone is merely a tap of a finger away, we have started to neglect its importance and have taken it for granted.

Rural and remote areas still find it hard to have access to the internet. For them, communication can be limited to phone calls and messaging services. Even for people in the urban areas, messaging services still remain a very useful feature. When the network becomes unavailable or the signal is very bad one can always turn to messaging services for help and communication.

Today it is mostly used by major companies do send alerts and codes. Its usage is paramount, and a lot of businesses and especially banks depend on this feature for them to smoothly operate. In order to send these SMS to multiple clients, the message is sent to a company which specializes in this service to send them. This feature is called bulk SMS service and it is an avenue for many companies to give information to their employees or customers.

It works in a very simple manner. The organizations such as banks and multi-national companies hire a service that only handles bulk SMS deliveries. As the information is relayed from the company, such as bank alerts, holiday notification and much more; is sent to the service headquarters. The service then sends the single SMS to multiple recipients via a centralized server.  The server then pushes a network to relay the message to each individual receiver.

There are many available services and it depends on the budget and requirements of the company to choose a suitable service. The majority of them are decent services which offer the basic features, but the more advanced and better ones offer some great over the top features. These can include a great network architecture which ensures a delivery for every individual message, protection to ensure delivery even in the case of extra traffic and much more.

The best bulk SMS service often delivers to more than a couple of million customers per day and they can range from the common man to important personalities. These messages can also be of many types, from messages that detail bank account statements to a simple recharge offer. Their variety and quantity is something the SMS delivery service is in-charge of. Some can be just an alert which gets delivered when the user accesses his debit or credit card or some messages can be a promotion of a certain offer which can be sent to a user about 6-7 times a day.

Although this can sometimes be annoying and troublesome, at other times it is very useful in delivering important alerts and notifications, especially if it involves some sort of monetary transaction.

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