How Is Performance Marketing Taking Over Video Promotion?

With so many video streaming platforms available, digital marketing is now heavily dependent on videos for promotion and advertisement. Video marketing is very popular due to the fact that the conversion rate is more and they are likely to be more relevant and engaging. Performance marketing has also taken over video promotion space and retailers are using performance marketing software to attract publishers and not only reach out to the targeted audiences but also make them buy the product and services.

Performance Marketing and Video Advertisement –

Transparent Tracking – Tracking video advertisement transparently is an issue with the current traditional marketing way. Therefore, retailers have to invest their money blindly on estimations and guesswork. There is a huge scope for digital fraud. But performance marketing provided accurate metrics and there is no need for hidden payment and hidden action. The advertisers can have all the data required for detailed analysis and they can track actions and pay accordingly.

Smart Choices – There are various tools available to study the behaviors and actions of the targeted customers that the publishers are reaching out to. There are AI-based optimization technologies available that will help the advertisers come up with better offers for the publishers to reach out to the potential customers and get better engagement and leads. There are smart algorithms available such that the targeted audiences see only the most relevant ads and this increases the chances of doubling the profits.

Multi-Platform – You can do video promotion not only on video streaming sites but also on websites. There are multiple formats available and you can get in-stream solutions, in-content solutions, interstitial solutions and you can show the ads in apps and games as well. You can increase viewability, engagement, leads, conversions, and sales like never before. If you want, you can set the action for sale rather than just clicks so that you do not have to pay for clicks but only when an actual sale happens.

You can design everything yourself with the need for a developer or expert even though it could be your first time. The performance marketing software from Orangear has an intuitive interface and simple tag management options which are instrumental in robust management and marketing. You can literally become your own manager and act like a digital marketing expert. There is no limit how far you can take your product and service sales and revenue with video advertisement backed by performance marketing.