How to Access a Locked Windows Computer with Passfolk SaverWin Free

If you have ever run into a situation where you fail to access your very own Windows computer’s admin account, then know it for certain that you are not the only victim. Every mostly one in an every user who daily use computer confront the same confusion when you accidently lose their password or somehow forget it. Indeed for daily users who totally depend upon computers for the everyday tasks, inaccessibility to their user account proves to be a drastic scenario. Since you are locked from using any of your data files, folders, worksheets, etc. it will inevitably affect your work to a greater extent. Thus you need some special way out which can help you gain access back to your system. Here in this article, the escaping points we are choosing is Passfolk SaverWin.

SaverWin is one such Windows password removal tool which can actually alleviate you off your persisting trouble. If can manipulate the registry keys to disable the password protection cunningly. Consequently when you enter your system, you don’t get to see any login screen anymore and you clearly get access to your previously locked admin account.

The tool has been verily tested with various brands of computers and laptops, such as VAIO, HP, DELL, ACER, etc. It runs all the Windows desktop OS versions of XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 as well as the server versions of 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ 2012/ 2016. No needs of any additional ISO image burning tools and internet connectivity are one of the few diligent specifications of this amazing tool unlike other password resetting tools available on the internet. Moreover, you can create bootable disk with both USB and CD/DVD as your optical disk.

The tool has its features extended to the compatibility of UEFI, DSI, and Legacy BIOS based computers and laptops as well, which makes it more preferable by latest computer and laptop models. But before you start with the usage of this tool, you need to make first hand preparations like you need to have a spare working computer; a vacant optical disk; and theSaverWin program file. For that, download the correct version of the Passfolk SaverWin (Free) tool to your working computer and install it correctly. Now launch the tool with admin rights and choose “USB or CD/DVD” as the media type option to continue the process. Connect your empty optical disk, suppose USB and click “Burn USB” option to begin the burning of ISO image files into the optical disk.

Click “Ok” upon receiving a completion message of “Burning Successfully!”.

Disconnect the loaded bootable disk and re-insert it into the locked down target computer and boot from it. You might need to enter the CMOS settings to change the boot order preference so that the booting is done through the inserted disk. Once it is done, you will be displayed all the registered user accounts of the computer, be it local user account, admin account, root account, etc. choose your target account that you wish to bypass, and click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons to commence the process the of password removal.

It will take some time before your system takes a restart. Surprisingly when it will turn on again, you will right away enter your previously locked account without any further password hindrance. This shows that the goal is achieved. Even after accomplishing the goal, keep the Passfolk SaverWin installed within your system, such that you can use it if ever encounter the same situation again.

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