How To Take Care Of Ink Cartridge Of Your Printer?

by Sebastian Hal
How To Take Care Of Ink Cartridge Of Your Printer

If you are planning to buy the Beste laserprinter from, it is time that you also learn a few things about how to take care of printer’s ink cartridges.

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How To Take Care Of Ink Cartridges?

  • There are signs to look out for, to identify the right time to replace ink cartridges. You can associate signs such as deterioration in the quality of print such as fading or blurred text or other forms of loss in the image colors with the time to replace cartridges. A big majority of modern-day printers even have indicators to suggest low levels of ink cartridges. It is best to immediately refill or replace ink cartridges during these times.
  • One of the biggest mistakes that most printer buyers do is to refill or replace the ink cartridge when it gets totally empty. This is one of the sure-shot ways to ruin the ink cartridges. This is simply because the ink acts as the coolant for the print head nozzle and the almost empty ink cartridge may burn out if you still keep on continuously printing with it.
  • You may try out using a zip-lock plastic or airtight bag and keep it in a dry and cool place to prevent the ink from drying out. It is best not to expose them to heat, moisture, and sunlight. Moreover, it is suggested to keep the ink cartridges in a head-down position to keep them moist and prevent cross-contamination of colors.
  • While handling printer and cartridges, it is best not to touch the electronic parts unless you have the complete understanding of printer parts. Moreover, it is important to carefully and gently insert or remove the ink cartridge to and from the printer. You should avoid exerting too much pressure or force to get the cartridge in and out as that can possibly damage the circuit board.
  • To prevent cross contamination of colors, it is best to make use of the original box or cover the print head with a paper towel for color ink cartridges when bringing it to the cartridge refilling stations.
  • It is best not to make contact with the print head directly as that can result in permanent damage to the cartridge.
  • It is always suggested to run a test print every week, especially if you are not likely to use the printer on a regular basis. It will help in preventing the cartridge from drying up. This is also beneficial to keep the nozzle working and maintain good condition of the cartridge.

By following these easy printer maintenance tips, you can ensure proper and smooth functioning of your printer over a period of time.

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