IBM Cloud Hosting: An Overview

Cloud Hosting is the next generation of Web Hosting. Hosting on virtual servers that pull the resources from other publically available virtual servers is offered by the Cloud hosting Services. Unlike hosting websites on a single server, Cloud hosting makes it possible to host multiple servers and are pulled from various data centers in different locations. It is cost-effective.

One big thing these days is Cloud computing

Popular for its 24*7, anywhere, anytime usage, it has got its advantages. So if you haven’t used it till now despite being a big name in your field, its time you use it for your own advantage. So, ask them will it be possible for you to take advantage of this technology!

How it works

Public Cloud

Most of the IBM cloud hosting engages hosting on virtual servers and pull data from public virtual servers and use of public cloud models. However this includes some security measures to make sure that the privacy of the data is maintained.

Private Cloud

This is more suitable where privacy and security are of more concern. Whether located on site or with cloud provider, Private cloud uses ring-fenced resources like the networks/services.

Features and Benefits

Load Balancing – Responsive

Software based Load balancing, so it is scalable instantly, to respond to varying demands.

Utility Costing

Clients pay for only what they use. Though the resources are available for use on traffic, no capacity is wasted when the demand is lower.


Resources are available anytime on demand and are not limited to the capacity of the server or the physical constraints. For example, if a client’s website needs extra information due to spike in visitors traffic, the information can be accessed effortlessly.

Physical Servers

The physical servers are housed within secured data centers and so prevents people disrupting or accessing them on site.


Instead on hosting on one single physical server, hosting is done on extensive networks. So even there is offline server, it will have no effect on availability as other virtual servers keep on to pull their resource from lasting network of services.

Cloud Hosting Services

A number of cloud hosting services are in popular demand nowadays and most of them offer free trials to explore their abilities for yourself. Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Joyent, DreamHost, HostGator,A2Hosting, CloudWays are some of the popular Cloud Hosting services.

But we can see more and more business move to cloud hosting in the near future, as new low-cost cloud implementations continue to develop. It is never an exaggeration if said, “One day everybody will be in the clouds!”

If you have these after all the efforts put in to find a good company, then definitely you have made the right choice!