Manage Things for benefits

by Sebastian Hal

Now a day’s social media platform has become popular not only among youth but also among whole internet population, from internet population, I mean the population who use internet and they are 47 percent of the world population. As we know in the world of globalization internet has become backbone and social media is like a catalyst.

Let’s share the ideas to the world

That means if you want your idea should be share with whole world, it’s on your fingers tips. You just need to post on any social media account like facebook or Instagram. Now if we talk about instagram which has become more popular in 800 million users. But is it necessary that the post you have posted on your Instagram will be sheared to all of the 800 million users or even 50% of that. No! It is impossible because the post could only reach to your friend or follower which means the more followers you have the more possibility you have. Firstly, you need to increase your follower, you can do it by yourself or there are some tools. They are discussed bellow.

Lets manage your instagram with different platform.

there are so many platform which is responsible to schedule and publish your post. One of them is “Hootsuite“, in which choose the Instagram option and schedule it for the post and ready to prepare the other post. Now, you can post your content in regular manner. Instagram Feed WD is a plugin which is easy to use. In a click it can bring you users or hashtag instagram feed to your website you can also use the conditional field functionality of plugin, to display the feed. If someone want to attract the audience one should use “combine” which is an Instagram growth tool. Its hefty search quality let you know about the account and post from your desired audience by hashtag, hashtag plus location and among followers of your competitors etc. you can follow and unfollow through mass as well as single option. Automatically this application schedules its task with Instagram activity limit. All the important functionality is free which include the management of 5 Instagram accounts, daily action limit enhancement etc.

Overview of tools to manage Instagram account

 In Instagram, you can collect all your content in one link bio for which you want huge number of followers. It will help your followers to obtain all your content. Apart from this, if you want to create a video which will attract people, then Boomerage is good enough to do so. Now a day’s Boomerage videos have become an important part of the Instagram language according to Liquid Creativity. There are many people who use Instagram for business, hence we a tool called”Foursixty” which allow users to sell the product just by linking them to the product page. Pura Vida  Bracelets and are such a company which hare very successful seller on Instagram. Lastly, Instagram Business blog is newly launched      business blog which will be used to encourage other company as a business resource.


Record shows that among the brands all over the world, 48.8 % of the brand operates Instagram account which includes 90% of the top 100 brand. Form this we can imagine the Marketing at Instagram is really fierce and if you want to be in top, you need to use every tool.Among all these “Later” come for free, which is used as Instagram account manager. 30 posts per month will be provided by Later. is a useful tool from ““Leter”” which allow you to shop for your Intagram. It also allows users to manage their video, pictures as well as Instagram account. Through Leter you can manage two or more than two Instagram account for business plans. Linktree is a tool for free to increase the Instagram traffic.

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