Popular! In spite of having the drawback

by Sebastian Hal

On the tenth anniversary of Bully Games, the producer of this game “Rockstar” creation have announced a new edition of Bully game which will be compatible with both Android and iOS device. This game is available on play store and apple store for Android and iOS user respectively. If we talk about the android accessibility of the game then the user will have to download the bully anniversary edition apk from play store. Actually, apk is expended as Android package kit that’s file format is created by the Google developer. The 84 company associates of the Google are able to assess this. The apk file is necessary to download the game from play store. The new edition was uploaded in December 2016 but recently it is being updated on 4 August 2018. The recent rating is 3.5 stars which were previously 4.6 stars out of 5 stars including 2164118 views.

The drawback of the game

The main drawback of the game is its large size because you will need at list 2GB to 3 GB space to download this game. Although the game is very interesting and happening a person will have to pay if he wants to download it from play store and the cost for download is Rs. 182. There are many websites which offers free download for Bully game on android but there would be many unwanted cookies. There are several version of the game such as anniversary edition 1.0.017, Anniversary edition 1.0.016 and many more. Undoubtedly it is a good game because it has everything including a stunning story, a bold character, best design, best graphics and many more. As we know that if we download the game from play store then it will worth 182 rupees but one can download from any other platform, there is some problem in downloading the file from anywhere except play store as the file may be corrupted on another platform.

The story of mischief

The center of the story is Jimmy Hopking who is a hooligan and because of his mischief’s, he is transferred to the worst school named Bullworth academy where the student is notorious and usually corrupted, Criminals, etc. A brute force is responsible to resolve the entire problem over there. So the player will have to act like a Jimmy and will have to find out the way to survive among the bully including an adaption of new place etc. Jimmy will do whatever you will think or make any rule it will be imposed on Jimmy automatically. For example, you will have to attend the class, in order to pass the examination. Apart from this, you will also have to execute the punishment from the teacher.


Well, this game will revolve around the main character of Jimmy and Academy. It is really very exciting to live in a virtual world of bullying where you will have to survive. In this game you will have to participate in the word makeup game, all the sports competition at school and also will have to go to the chemistry lab and put the experiment over there. All the feature of the game is bounded by a time limit. The clock will appear on the screen and also you will get automatic suggestion over the screen. The necessity of the watch is you will have a record of time after call off.

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