Press Release as a Link Building Strategy

by Sebastian Hal
Press Release as a Link Building Strategy

From ongoing conversations and studies on SEO trends, what emerges is the value of authority sites in respect to link building. The audience on authority sites is enough to add value to backlinks when compared to the use of smaller sites. This is especially so when using the press release as a link building strategy. Press releases are developing as a valuable link building strategy. Here are some tips that will help improve on the quality of press releases and add value to your links.

Relationships over Links

Press releases are tailored to up the profile of a brand. In this age of marketing and public relations, building a relationship with journalists is critical. This way, your brand cuts back on pushing links to journalists and it switches to journalists seeking your brand. This has the effect of improving the quality of your backlinks and thus, generates interest and traffic to your website. See this article for more on link building as an SEO strategy.


Content-rich Links

The whole idea behind a press release is providing information. Your link should add value to the sites it is credited. This means that each link should have useful information about your brand and its activities.

Opinions as Assets

Conversations on the social media space as well as other platforms help shape the opinion of a product. This explains why more companies encourage individuals to engage them on social media. Further, any information about a company’s brand should include a quote from a reliable source to add to its value and authenticity. The list of reliable sources includes; government agencies, opinion shapers, and authorities in your field. A quote from them coupled with an ongoing conversation about the same topic will generate interest. This is a sure-fire way of adding value to your website’s reputation and with it, your backlinks.

Link Reclamation

Any conversations and press releases that mention your brand is an opportunity to further the link building strategy. Ensure that all mentions of your brand are credited to you. Offer backlinks to accompany the mentions. However, if you build relationships with other platforms, crediting your brand will come easy for them.

Distributing Press Releases

Do not ignore the power of distribution through online news sites. You can approach it from two angles.

Utilising the Free News Distribution Services

There are free news distribution platforms with an extensive reach. It is in your best interest to evaluate their reputation. If you are satisfied with their status, then offer information about your brand with accompanying backlinks.


Considering a Pay Option

A little cost can go a long way. With reliable pay distribution platforms, you can access the audience on that site. Also, your brand taps into a third-party sponsored audience thanks to the pay distribution channel. This then plays to increase the visits to your site.

The ideal strategy would be to combine the use of the free distribution platforms with the pay platforms for better results. The quality and quantity of traffic you generate from backlinks from both channels is sure to make your site an authority.

See this article for more information on link building.

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