Many website owners get a lot of traffic from different types of sources, from social media to paid ads, to affiliated links, and other sites just to mention a few, and what makes it very interesting is that even though that you are spending or investing with organic traffic, it is still one of the most beneficial and effective ways to generate traffic and boost your site.

For those who are not familiar with organic traffic, it is actually your site’s traffic which is the result of an unpaid promotion. The best example for it, if there is a site visitor that clicks on it via a search engine’s result or a link that you found on a social media platform that you clicked and will direct you to the site itself. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and its execution, on the other hand, required investment and enough funding to keep your site up in the rankings of the search bar of a search engine, however, organic traffic is the natural way to generate traffic without directly paying for clicks.

In this article, let us talk about the benefits of organic traffic so that you will have a wider knowledge in your next plan to promote your own website. In a 2006 study, around 93-percent of all the internet traffic comes from search engines, and granted, this study was just a decade ago, however, we can infer that there is a substantial portion of the entire traffic comes from the search engines, which means, that you cannot afford in investing strategies that will effectively boost the traffic of your site, compared to organic traffic where people can decide freely to click on your site for visit.

Another benefit that you should know about organic traffic is that it has its own captive audience. Meaning, it has its own following depending on the nature of your business. Every time we use the search engine, we always search for a keyword that is related to the industry, product, service and other things that we are trying to find, and if your website has enough keyword relevant to what most internet users type in, then you can create your own captive audience.

The captive audience is considered high-quality traffic that is an actual human and not computer-generated traffic which is truly searching for an information that does not require any promotional advertisement to draw interest on your featured product, or service. If the nature of your business is selling food products, the organic traffic will likely type in the search engine food or food products or other types of food that you might be offering, considering that these people are searching for more information about food. And this was proven to have a higher conversion rate, meaning, organic traffic is likely to make the transaction at your site. In fact, you can even buy organic website traffic.

When it comes to long-term benefits, the organic traffic has an edge over paid advertisements because it does not have an expiration, all you have to do is to draw more audience by relying on organic traffic. The more the traffic, the more popular your website have become, and this means that your service or product is getting noticed.