The Use of Usenet

by Sebastian Hal

Many people might not know about this term and even get intimidated by it. As for myself, I didn’t even know about Usenet but just two years ago. I was more of a BitTorrent kind of guy. Now it made me realize what Usenet is and the advantages of using it.

What is Usenet?

Usenet is an online service that works like a message board. But unlike the usual message boards that we have, this is massive in nature and even global in scale. There are literally thousands of different message boards that cover a lot of topics on Usenet. There are also boards that can support binary or file posts. Because of this basic information, this goes to show that there are a lot of data available in Usenet. And it just didn’t stop there. This is growing by the day in terms of Terabyte capacity. This makes Usenet appealing even to BitTorrent fanatics.

Why Usenet?

BitTorrent has soared to popularity because it is free of charge when using the software. You only need to download it and have a file ready for downloading and you just wait until it is finished. For years, BitTorrent has been a software leader for downloading. No wonder, many are more enamored to using this when there’s another counterpart which is Usenet.


If you have been using BitTorrent, chances are you might be struggling to learn about Usenet. However, don’t fret. There might be a steep learning curve but today, there’s already a new Usenet service. And this is UsenetStorm.

What is UsenetStorm?

UsenetStorm is the answer to reduce the complexity of Usenet. One of the main reason why Usenet before was not widely embraced is that of this complexity concern. Yet, with this new service, this provides an easier access to binary content even with your standard browser. Apart from that, this can be used without a fee. Yes, you read that right. UsenetStorm is absolutely free.

According to UsenetStorm owner William Thomas, they created this new service to provide Usenet binary downloads through HTTP. File lockers are now getting more restricted and torrent users are now targeted too. Now, they are rebranding Usenet as a SaaS or Software as a Service to integrate this to the modern web 2.0.

What’s inside UsenetStorm?

There are a lot of things you can be able to do with UsenetStorm. For one, you can be able to download. If you are a free user, this is however limited to 500mb per NZB file. The download speed is also capped at 5mbit. Yet, the usage is unlimited to just about everyone without registration.

Should you want to learn more about Usenet and even UsenetStorm, there are already a lot of websites that can provide information and also tutorial content. UsenetStorm is definitely a very nice service that one can be able to use for free. This can be a good starting block if you would like to assess first if Usenet would be ideal and perfect for you.

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