Tips to Increase Your Customer Transaction with a Secure Connection

Benefits of SSL for a trusted website

Most recent internet technologiesintroduced a transformation in our lifestyle. We frequently do shopping from an online shop instead of spending so much time goes to a shopping center. This evolution allowsan opportunity for a global trading where the seller and buyer coming from different side of the world without seeing each other. Therefore, the trust makes a firm foundation for a secure transaction, to ensure buyer purchase the order from the authorized seller.

The technology to establish a secure link between a customer and the website named as SSL (secure sockets layer). There are several options for certificados ssl. They provide a different level of security for different web purpose. A website that doesn’t require much secure link would need only a Domain Validation (DV) that validate the website domain and secure link with a static layer. Two services from DigitalServer offer two packages, one from Comodo with the cost of 700 MXN per year, and another one from RapidSSL for 750 MXN per year.

certificados ssl

Other option with a higher security layer could enable you to secure link from the subdomain in one server/IP only. The security issued by Comodo, RapidSSL, and GeoTrust with the cost from 3,800 MXN up to 4,200 MXN per year. The certificate can be issued by only 5 minutes. GeoTrust enable you having a dynamic seal, while Comodo and RapidSSL provide you with a static seal only.

The third option is an Extended Validation (EV) package that could deliver you premium security layers. Two packages are available from GeoTrust with the cost of 10,500 MXN and Symantec for about 9,500 MXN per year. These SSL packages enable you to secure your subdomain page from various servers and different IPs. Your customer might recognize this type of security layer from their browser. Their security padlock logo will turn into green color and could show your company details whenever they clicked it.

In the case where you want to have a transaction that involves a credit card transaction, they typically require this certificate. It becomesa crucialpoint from PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. PCI Company has a stringent regulation to ensure their card users have a maximum security over their transaction data. On top of that, it prevents the intervention from the irresponsible third party that might manipulate your data for something else.