Website Design Tricks to Grow Your Business

Successful growth in any business can be an uphill task, but a worthy one; with many ongoing tasks, it can be far from easy to focus your digital presence fall by the wayside. Ignoring the digital side of your business can be a huge mistake. When you engage your digital presence with target users, you make them feel safe and build a sense of trust with them; thereby, you will stand a high chance of encouraging them to complete a purchase and become long-term customers.

Resilient and robust website design is built on one concept, and that is trust. When you present an online destination that is straight to the point, and easy to navigate, users are happy and encounter a positive experience making them a complete purchase. Website design is one of the main points that determine if the brand is worthy or not.

In this article I have put together a list of design elements that will grow your business:

Video Landing Page:

It is evident that more the visuals on your site, the more the traffic; but this does not mean that you embed any video from YouTube, you can take your page to the next level by creating a video landing page. This video can work as a direct call to action for a particular web page, or you can always create an immersive video that auto-plays content on the home page. Either of these approaches can provide information or improve your brand’s identity.

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Parallax Scrolling:

While the digital experience has improved the marketing concept over the years, it has resulted in one drawback, and that is laziness. This is where you apply parallax scrolling; this uneven scrolling effect has fought consumer laziness while keeping the content visually appealing and engaging.

With a single swipe, the users have quickly taken up the information as they have made their way down the page. The parallax scrolling has resulted in a deep scroll and more user engagement from the users.

Animated Call-to-Action:

Call-to-action are needed in web design because your users won’t do what you want unless you specifically ask them to, many times. Simply telling your customers is not enough, you will need something extra to give them the push to purchase your product. By adding a bit of animation and a micro mini interaction or a simple effect that can catch the user’s eye. Consumers are more likely to follow an active call to action that confirms completion.

Custom Typography:

It is essential that your website has text, but gone are the days of boring times new roman, Ariel, or any other basic stock font that has long passed, you can take your message to the next level with unique lettering that will represent what your brand stands for and communicates well with the users. The typography can be unique and take many shapes and forms; it can also inhabit different areas of your design. In the end, a good web design typography depends on your choice and how you use this trend.