What are the Disadvantages of Buying the Top Loading Washing Machines?

by Sebastian Hal
What are the Disadvantages of Buying the Top Loading Washing Machines

A fully automatic washing machine is known for having a single tub. This type of machine requires a permanent water connection when compared to the semi-automatic machine. However, the advantage of a fully automatic machine- beste wasmachine is that it does not need you to do anything apart pressing the on the button to start the process. You have to add the clothes to the tub and select the water level along with the wash required and start the machine.

The fully-automatic machine can be classified into two different types:

  • Front loading
  • Top loading

This categorization is done on the based on the way the clothes are added to them. When talking about the front loading machines, clothes are added from the front of the machine, whereas in the top loading machines, clothes are added from the top.

However, the top loading machines have their own disadvantages and they are:

High and Permanent Water Consumption: This is one of the main disadvantages of the top loading machine as it consumes the high amount of water (40 gallons and more approx.). It also needs more water to cover all the clothes when compared to the front loading machine. Additionally, the top loading machines require a permanent water connection. So, during a process, the top loading machine will drain all the soapy water and then refill the drum with the clean water when it is about to start the process of rinsing. Top loading machines are not recommended for you if you live in a place with water scarcity.

High consumption of the detergent: When we compare the top loading machines to the front-loading washing machines- beste wasmachine, the top loading ones requires the high amount of detergent to wash your clothes. In simple words, the top loading machines tend to consume the high amount of detergent than their other counterparts.

More Energy consumption: Well, this is because these machines use more water to wash to clothes and thus need more energy to complete the process. Also, according to some recent surveys, it was said that the front loading machines help you to save more energy and consume less than 50% of energy when compared to the top loading machines.

It can be harsh on clothes:  Top loading machines can go through severe beating just like the agitators that are very harsh on clothes. Your clothes can get tangled and this can make it difficult to remove them from the drum.

High Maintenance Cost: As discussed above the top loading machines tend to consume more energy, detergent as well as water. This makes, however, make them more expensive when it comes to their maintenance. Whereas, many top loading machines pay for themselves right after a year or two of purchase.

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