What You Need To Know About Digital Art

Digital art is a technology-based digital artform. The artform uses an electronic medium like a tablet along with a specialized pen that mimics various writing, drawing and painting materials. Digital art is the answer to the ever emerging advancements. Technology offers the ease of having and making things easier and faster. The ease of having an art material from having too many to just one device. Take painting for example, with traditional paint you got the paints, the plate, the brushes, the water, the stand ad the canvass. With digital art, these are all replaced with a tablet and a tablet pen.

There has been a long-standing debate if whether digital art will be able to replace traditional art. Digital photography can mimic various art materials and it can also be a medium for people to explore various art forms since the materials are all there. But the question is, does it have what it takes to completely replace traditional art? In order to explore that claim or theory rather, people should consider their options.

It’s less time consuming: When you are trying to buy a material for your art, you know that spending a few minutes in art stores isn’t going to cut it. It would take a decent 30 minutes to an hour in order for you to get the needed pieces of equipment and materials. This is the same with various art mediums. If you have been in the hobby or profession long enough you will have a preference, you will develop a standard and you become very picky about the things that you buy. With Digital art, everything is in one tablet, from the colors to the brushes, you name it they have it, except for the canvas stand.

It’s cheap: Ok ok, these technologically advanced drawing materials are not cheap, so what makes this cheap? In the long run, as long as you take care of your hardware and it never fell nor get submerged in water and it’s just in one space for all its life, it can last you for a very very long time that will surely cover the money and the time that you spend buying art materials, gas and so on. It’s everything you need in one surface and the ability of you to be able to redo or refine your work whenever you like is priceless and less time consuming versus doing it traditionally.

It’s all in one: Paint, pencil, color, and many more art materials are all there, no need to have an extra space for paint storage, for brushes and canvass, with digital art, it’s all in one surface and your art is stored in a memory card that is just a print away. If previously artists need a studio in order to do their art, with digital art, all you need is a small office room and your good to go. No mess and your house cleaner will love to clean your house every time.

With that said digital art does have the chops to become competitive but it is still far from replacing traditional art, for the reason that traditional  art is a different form on its own, but what it is is a good option for people that prefer the reasons above and for professionals like comic book artists and so on. If you want to learn about digital art go to this web-site.