Why In The World Would You Spend $1000 On The iPhone X?

by Sebastian Hal

We always knew that Apple was going to do something really special to mark the 10th-anniversary edition of Apple’s influential iPhone, but few of us really saw the iPhone X coming. Watching the official video presentation of the iPhone X and the various follow-up videos of the phone clothed in one amazing iPhone case to another made me immediately curious to know what it can do besides being so wonderful to behold.

So, why in the world would you spend $1000? Here are a few features that may convince you;

  1.  Its OLED Screen Is Classy

Apple’s iPhone X is their most impressive phone till date by all standards and it’s their first OLED screen phone. The 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED screen on the front and its stainless steel frame makes it appear like some star wars future invention arrived too early.

Also, the OLED screen has better contrast than the displays on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and it also supports HDR videos and amazingly futuristic looking Animoji’s.The screen has a 2,436 x 1,125-pixel resolution (458 pixels per inch), making its images sharp and colors vibrant.

Perhaps my favorite part about the screen is that it makes it easy for you to read under direct sunlight. This should be especially exciting news for people with some eye defects.

  1. The Security Mechanism Is Taking One Notch up

Prior to the release of the iPhone X, there had already been talk in tech circles about the potential integration of face recognition into Apple phones. Apple didn’t wait too long to fulfill that fantasy with the iPhone X. In addition to the typical phone passcode, the iPhone X has replaced the common Touch ID with Face Recognition.

Many people do not seem very excited by this feature for the simple reason that it will take some getting used to. However, with the safety and privacy that it offers, you may want to spend some money and get used to it. Face ID is perhaps the biggest adjustment that iPhone users will have to make in years.

  1. It is Very Easy To Wield

The iPhone 8 plus was not accepted by a number of iPhone users for the simple fact that it seemed to be a “plus” phone in every sense of the world, notably its size. Customers seemed to prefer high end features with a more compact size. Apple listened to them in releasing the iPhone X.

It is slightly larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 8, but the edges around the screen melt away to offer an immersive all-screen experience and an overall bigger screen than the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus.

The X is comfortable in the hand, and it feels remarkable to have so much more in a less cumbersome size. Its size also makes it look way more beautiful in a well designed iPhone case.

  1. It’s Fast!

For most tech junkies, speed comes in first place to other features and the iPhone X certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department. Executing commands and switching within apps is super fast and the phone is also now basically Gesture based.

The gesture based IOS means that Apple has eliminated the trademark Home button. You now need gestures to navigate. For instance, if you swipe up on the screen and pause, you will see all your previous apps for some quick multitasking. You can also switch between apps by sliding your finger from the bottom left to the bottom right, kind of like drawing an upside down U

While $1000 is a significantly high price to pay for a phone, the consideration put into assembling such a suitable phone just might be enough to earn that investment.


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