Your Guide To Biometric Verification

by Sebastian Hal
Your Guide To Biometric Verification

Did you ever question your inner thoughts why in this flock of humans even identical twins don’t share the same fingerprints? Or having a second thought that in this era of innovative ideas no one even the genius of all genius has discovered nor created a notion that it is possible to copy one’s fingerprint by any means?

Yes, DNA can be acquire and run in someone else’s family, but our true identity remains intact within our inner self and that’s what makes us unique in any way possible. The very first day that you were born your uniqueness was already fathomed.

People nowadays can pay a high amount of money for their convenience and colossal benefits in return. Satisfaction and trust are the number 1 goal of every company to get brand loyalty and repeat purchase in return and that’s why Ipsisdy came up with this idea on how to manage your personal information with a guaranteed security all the time, it is like a virtual police officer that will help you take care of your personal data.


Biometric Verification in Ipsidy

What makes Ipsidy a promising thing and timely up to this day was their state of the art, Biometric Identification with scale, which means it has a scalable biometric enrollment and matching capabilities that can easily verify you in just a snap!. It has proprietary image processing and tier 1 fingerprint algorithm, which means your ID is your fingerprint.

A robust biometric template generation, which means a template that is a digital representation of the unique features that have been extracted from a biometric sample and is stored in a biometric database.

The multi-modal capability for other biometric modalities, for example, your iris, the iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern recognition technique. The simple plug and play integration of third-party biometric capture devices, all these features of Ipsidy will cater all the necessary facts that a client will be looking forward to.

Other concerns about Ipsidy’s biometric scale configuration (Use Cases) are:

  • It is supported by the US Government: The US Department of Homeland security has deployed id search since 2007 to support the issuance of the US transportation worker identification credential (TWIC). IdSearch has bolstered the integrity of the TSA background checks and security threat assessments and enhanced security of their nation’s ports and transportation facilities.
  • Biometric identity, Elections: The Zambian Electoral Commission has selected IdSearch for every national election since 2005, for these elections, IdSearch captured over 6 million voter fingerprint images and registration records and produced highly accurate AFIS templates. Fingerprint match processing and deduplication of over 500 billion record was completed. Other African nations that have selected IdSearch include Ghana, Swaziland, and Guinea.

The Bottom Line

The site offers the Biometric Identification with Scale was integrated to their high-speed fingerprint matching solution for enhanced security, that will give you optimal solutions to your problem with accordance to your safety in a virtual world. Ipsidy has a wide range of options for you to choose from and their biometric identification is one of their many components that will help you secure all your personal transactions within the use of your personal phone anytime and anywhere at the best expense of your availability.

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