Advantages of Enabling A Proxy Server

As an online user you may have had your fair share of restrictions, it can be at schools or companies. Especially, if you want to surf through popular sites like YouTube and the content is restricted, you will think about getting a YouTube proxy.

Now, if you have thought about a proxy, you may have researched about them as well. In this article, I will list out the advantages of enabling a good proxy that will allow you to browse through your favorite online content effortlessly.

However, firstly, let’s go through the basics of a proxy server.

Proxies are portals that double as a bridge between your network and an external network. They have three categories-

Forward– This is the general proxy, and it is the middleman between your computer network and the external networks.

Reverse– Here the proxy is a pathway between the internet and a small server group.

Open– These are public proxies that are allowed to any online user. They are usually free of charge and are for public use.

As mentioned before the proxy server is like a middleman between a client and your server, the client will request permission to access a particular service, and the proxy will take the request and act on it on their behalf. As a user, you won’t notice the process, and it will seem like you are directly using the page as you would typically do.

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The Advantages of Using Proxy Servers:

Incognito IP address:

This is by far the best proxy advantage, the ability to mask your IP address so that your browsing activities are not traced back to you. When you enable a proxy, the website you visit won’t take in your IP address. Instead, it will show the IP address listed from your proxy server. This means you are now anonymous online. IP addresses are quite personalized and can tell someone a lot about yourself, and this includes personal details as well.  This can leave your connection vulnerable to hackers and malware. Hence a proxy server can ensure your safety against cybercriminals.

Access to blocked content:

Let’s be honest, this is mainly why you would want a proxy server in the first place. Since the server is great at hiding your IP address, you can browse through blocked YouTube content by using a useful YouTube proxy. You can also use the server to get through any connection or network limitations at your company or school.

Reduced buffering time:

Proxies can store cache, so once you visit a website, the server will store the data for you to access later. This way when the user wants a page that has been cached, the server can find it quickly. However, you need to note that this happens if your cache is already saved on the server. If the data you requested is not stored as a local cache, then it will try to get it from the internet, and you may experience long loading time.