Planning Tips for a Successful Nonprofit Organisation Event

by Sebastian Hal
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When hosting nonprofit events, you want one thing – for donors to have a memorable and enjoyable experience. If donors enjoyed enough while giving back, chances are they will do it more often because it makes them feel good.

With that in mind, here are some planning tips for a successful nonprofit fundraising event:

Determine your fundraising goal
Before anything, it is imperative that you already laid out the purpose of the event. As soon as it is settled, you can start determining your fundraising goal. If it is truly a fundraising event, everything in the event will be geared towards raising a specific amount of money. You need to factor in the expenses and ensure that it does not affect the fundraising amount or goal.

Create a budget
To help you decide the fundraising goal, you need to create the budget so you can factor the expenses. The budget should include aspects like the staff, space or venue rental, invitations, catering, transportation, entertainment, utilities, and security.

Your budget should include anything that can make the event a success. While you are at it, ensure that you leave a little extra room. This is important in case of any unforeseen costs.

Consider a host committee
As part of the event, you should consider a host committee. The host committee is made of chairpersons that are responsible for contributing a considerable amount to the event. The committee is generally composed of local celebrities and wealthy business leaders.

The host committee chairpersons are important because they will encourage the others to contribute the same. These people do not have a part in running the event but they play an integral role in ensuring that you reach your goals.

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Decide your target audience
The next thing that you need to do is to decide the target audience of your event. If you are organising a general fundraiser, you can invite everyone. If the event is geared towards a particular group like parents or business people, you need to take a selective approach.

Check the event set-up
The event staffs are responsible for setting up the event in advance. The set-up will include things like venue, food and the entertainment. They are also in charge of determining the kind of dress required as well as the event itinerary. It is crucial that at the onset you already laid out the roles and responsibilities of each one.

Think about marketing
Just like any product, your event should be properly marketed to the target audience. Your goal is to invite many donors willing to give back. For this, you should convince your supporters that your organisation is worthy of their money and time.

To be successful, it is crucial that you have a marketing plan for the event. You need to get the word out by optimising your network, mailed invitations, phone banks and through the host committee.

Define the sales procedure
There should be a procedure in place when it comes to sales or accepting a donation for the event. If it is ticket based, you should decide who will sell the tickets and how it will be delivered. You should also designate a person responsible for incoming information.

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