The Good And The Bad Sides Of Using A Proxy Server

The proxy server serves as the intermediary between a client computer and the server computer which usually helps the client in transferring files, browsing restricted sites, and utilizing a whole lot of resources. Proxy servers also act as the identification protection between the server and the client machine.

Anyone who wishes to protect and secure their valuable identity and information from getting breached and hacked by a malicious program or website while browsing the internet will surely appreciate the usefulness of a proxy server.

A proxy server is not that difficult to use, in fact, there are millions of people around the world who are taking advantage of this through a paid subscription or from free proxy servers coming from various providers around the world.

True to its mission, proxy servers provide a lot of advantages especially for servers that provide free subscription. Anyone who runs a business or has a professional background should be advised to subscribe to a proxy server, especially the server that has a paid subscription considering that it uses a high-security level and will always be very protective when it comes to its clients. For those who are still doubtful of a proxy server’s capacity and capability, listed below are some of its most notable advantages and also its disadvantages that might convince you to use one after reading this article from proxysite.



  • It totally helps the clients in protecting their valuable information from being exposed or hacked by cybercriminals, and this is the top advantage of subscribing in a proxy server.
  • Proxy servers have the ability to access restricted or bypass blocked websites easily considering that there are institutions, offices, and schools that block specific sites for its own reasons, proxy servers easily gains access to these blocked sites for the client’s convenience. This will also help users from other countries that cannot gain access from specific sites that are restricted as well.
  • It enhances the security and privacy capability of its client’s device while it provides the latter the freedom to surf and visits different proxy servers and sites without any restrictions.
  • It also speeds up the browsing and data accesses compared to regular internet connectivity because of is good managed cache system.
  • It can also store the client’s data in its cache system, where it can be accessed anytime, and anywhere in the client’s end.


  • Although the cache system of a proxy server serves very well to its clients, there are instances that the password, as well as other valuable information and identity, is exposed to its service provider, that is why it is best advised to subscribe a trusted proxy service provider.
  • There are also possibilities of data or information leaked online despite the encrypted connections of the proxy server because of the technique using TLS and SSL encryption connections that also have its own risks.
  • Since unblocks restricted websites, everyone can gain access to any websites they desire, but on the downside, this could expose children and students to obscene or offensive sites that were blocked in the first place.