Tips for Customer Retention through Bulk SMS Marketing

by Sebastian Hal
Bulk SMS services

Customer retention is the most important goal of every business. Every business wants their customer to visit again and purchase their goods or use their services, but sometimes it’s difficult.

While marketing, most marketers highly ignore bulk SMS marketing. Whoever knows about bulk SMS marketing most probably knows how important this service is and how it can benefit a business in numerous ways.

So, first, let’s get to know what Bulk SMS service is and why one should choose it for their business.

Bulk SMS service is the circulation of large figures of SMS to various mobile phone terminals. Bulk SMS services are known to be the most effective tool for fascinating customers and increasing customer reliability. If we talk about small and large enterprises, banks, consumer brands, media entertainment, or industries, everyone uses this service for multiple reasons.

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Let’s check a few tips to retain your customers via Bulk SMS service:

  1. Sorted customer database

Ensure you hold a database of your customers sorted according to their buying conduct. Whilst sending Bulk SMS to the customers, mainly at the same time as endorsing new deals to present customers, using this sorted listing may be very useful to tackle the purchaser interest.

  1. Personalized SMS

Address your customers with their forenames. SMS with their names will stop them for a while and make them read. One of the best ways to give your customers a personal touch and make them feel like they are a part of you is by addressing them by their names. This changes the whole relationship over into an individual discussion.

  1. Keep in mind their important dates

We all at one time had that emotion of announcing “Oh, they recognize my anniversary or birthday” each time these businesses send us a personalized SMS to desire us on our auspicious day. Although some of us may not be interested in the SMS from these corporations, thinking that they’ll subtract the money from their account. So, ensure to use related methods but twist your attitude to shine the flaws of such corporations. Make the messages less formal and more non-public.

  1. SMS on festivals and occasions

Never miss out on any chance to connect with your customer, connect with them in all ways possible. Make the client wake up in the sunrise of the first day of a brand-new month to see a communiqué from you greeting them into the new month or special occasions

  1. Customer assistance support

Customer service is one of the most important pillars in the growth of a business. All customers presume to be assisted whenever they have some queries. Customer service should include instant reverts, a proper helpline, and employing customer service representative who have the best communication skills.

In this digital age, if you are looking to retain your customers, then Bulk SMS marketing is one of the best ways and Celcom Africa is one of the best Bulk SMS provider in Kenya. Almost everyone nowadays carries a smartphone which makes it easier for marketers to reach their customers. An added advantage is that this service doesn’t require the internet. So, you can reach out to even those who are not active on digital platforms. So why not engage with your customers directly?

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