Office Phone System Singapore – Everything About Office Phone Systems And Its Features

by Sebastian Hal
Office Phone Systems

Having a phone system at work is essential if you are trying to start a new business. It serves as a point of communication between the officer and the customer for internal or external purposes. It can be best to use office phone systems instead of old telephone systems to increase productivity and efficiency. Modern office phone system singapore helps you to improve communication at your workplace. Take a quick look to learn more about office phone systems.

What Exactly Are Office Phone Systems And Its Types?


An office phone system is a collection of hardware or software-based phones that provide complicated communication tasks in a business setting using the internet protocol and traditional telephone lines. Modern office phone systems allow you to communicate with customers all over the world. You can stay in touch with them at all times due to the mobile app of phone system providers.

office phone system singapore

It is a custom-designed phone network for businesses. It helps them increase internal and external communication with their employees, clients, and other stakeholders. An office phone system singapore has more features than a regular telephone system as it is designed for larger purposes such as call routing and customer service calls.

  • Public Switched Telephone Network: Public Switched Telephone Network connects phone conversations beneath copper wires. You need to establish telephone lines across your office if you use PSTN. They are not suitable for large businesses as each employee will require their line.
  • Private Branch Exchange System: Private Branch Exchange System is a private telephone network that enables organizations to run an internal phone system with few phone lines. It allows you to swap calls between users and local lines, allowing your entire team to share a set of external phone lines.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol System: VoIP is an internet-based telephone system that allows you to make and receive business calls. Business communications do not require the use of any hardware or software equipment.

List Of Various Features Of Office Phone Systems


  • Call Forwarding: You can instantly redirect people calling your old number to your new device using VoIP call forwarding. Your caller will be completely unaware that their call is being diverted. You can also use the VoIP number that your contacts are familiar with to make calls on your mobile.
  • Call Transfer: Office phone systems allow you to transfer calls to another extension, external phone, or voice mail in addition to forwarding calls to another phone. As a result, you won’t have to refuse your customer or cut them off in the middle of a call; instead, you’ll be able to transfer them to another number with ease.
  • Caller Line Display: Knowing about the caller ahead of time makes communication much easier. The caller line display comes to your rescue here, allowing you to determine the caller’s identity.

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