Common Types of Phone Damages

With the latest models coming into the markets, people’s desire for owning a fancy mobile phone is also increasing. The latest models are of the highest specifications but their backs are generally made of glass. This obviously gives them a premium look but it also makes the phone prone to fallouts and breakage.

For any kind of phone or computer damages, you can visit for repairing work. For safety purposes, you could use tempered glass on your phone as well as hardcovers. These would minimize the damage of screen cracking or breakage. However, there are other types of damage other than just screen cracking or breakage. We have discussed some of the most common types of phone damage.

Dropping Your Phone

It is highly likely that you have dropped your mobile phone at least once or sometimes more. Your phone might have dropped anywhere. It could be on the pavement, floor, grass or some other place. This generally results in cracked screens, broken glasses, broken cameras or some other problem. In most of the cases, the damages are generally repairable. Another cause of dropping your phone might be during clicking a selfie. If only the phone is dropped from a really high building, the chances of repair would be less, but it will still be repairable at

Sitting on a Phone

Most of the people have the habit of keeping their cell phones in their back pocket. Some of them forget about that and when they sit on any chair or any solid material, pressure on the mile phone at the back pocket causes the phone to crack or break. The result could either be cracked screens, broken internal parts or some other damage. The damages depend on the durability of the phone and the medium by which the problem is caused. Problems in the internal circuit might take a little time but they are surely repairable.

Phone Damages

Water Damage

Damage of the phone by water is among the common type of phone damage. If your phone is fairly new in the market, then there are high chances that your phone is water resistant to some extent. But if they are a few years old, then there are chances are they might be damaged due to water.

These types of damages are caused when the phone slips into the toilet or into the pool or some other places having water. In such cases, you shouldn’t switch on your phone and bring it to the repair center as soon as possible. The water can damage the internal circuit and wiring.


You should not worry if you have damaged your phone. There are repair centers to solve these kinds of problems.