Smart surveillance system

by Sebastian Hal

Very quality and excellent

This system is of high quality and excellent, and also it is easy to install. I specialize in all aspects of security. This is simply a good system for house security and it does a great job. They have very good technologies coming out always but this is best choosing, because it has more nice and positive features. If go through the indications before you start the setup, it should go very easy with no stress or frustration. This system is very easy to install, I have never expected it could work well, but this system is great. The quality of the image is excellent and the wide angle lets me view almost my whole 3 plots yard with the cameras.

You can adjust the image quality levels and choose anyone you want between high and low volume streams to save on bandwidth for your online connection. I successfully pulled up the cameras on my computer and my (Android) smartphone and also my iPad. Setting up of the system and cameras was very simple and searching through the video is fast and I was able to select a video segment and download it to my PC. These cameras are extremely well built, when handling them you get a sense that they are quality built to last. The detection of this system works very good and night vision works as good as you could expect too. I have had the system a couple of months now and it had not been defaulting or problematic. I mounted this surveillance system strategically and I have no problems in getting videos good enough to identify hoodlums and vandals.

The setup was very fast, if you are the type that wants quick gratification, I assure you got it right here. The remote viewing app on my Android smartphones works very well, it does the second when the recording starts. It works easily and does not have to be routed through several systems before I could get an image of someone outside my door. You just have to understand the way it is presented on the mp4 file when you scroll through them.  I would highly recommend this if you want quality system and you are on a low budget. This is not a high end system, but this worth more than my money.

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